How to Book?

  1. Start by Select a room HERE or go Direct to Booking System here
  2. You required to select check in and check out in calendar (This help to calculate amount needed to pay), if your not sure days to stay you can select one night then you upgrade while you stay manually with our staff.
  3. Then select number (s) of ROOM  .
    NOTE: As shown, each room represented by 1 ADULT only. if you have a partner (MALE & FEMALE) you can presented by 1 among theme during booking.
    = So If your alone or with your partner and you want to stay in one (1) room;  in ADULT SELECT 1 only.
    =If you have more than one and you want every one to stay in their different room , in ROOM select according to number of people  ADULT select 1 (one) then  proceed to next step where you select  type room you want .
  4. In Room selection:
    = Example if you have 3 and you want all to stay in Standard room CLICK SELECT in standard 3 times then give the form to fill  your information.
    = If you want 1 to stay executive and 2 Deluxe, click 1 time in executive and 2 times in Deluxe. This apply to other room type.
  5. In order your room to be full reserved you need to pay full amount in final step. Also you get copy of booking details in your email.
  6. Payment confirmation is done instant while you pay via your phone number and email.